Money Maverick


Due to a very low lead generation we were engaged by Money Maverick to diagnose the causes of his problem. After a meet up it was determined that Money Maverick struggles with positioning, differentiation and scaling, these issues affect his digital presence because of a lack consistency in brand identity. Furthermore, resulting in very few leads despite his outstanding financial portfolio and active presence on finance forums.


A discovery workshop was conducted with the stakeholders of Money Maverick and it was decided that the name has a differentiating factor. Since Money Maverick is a personal brand, we have agreed to differentiate by linking characteristics of the owner himself to the brand. So a review of his work habits and process was conducted through a session of how he would handle his clients.

Positioning and Differentiation

A review was conducted after the session and we have agreed together that the qualities that align with what he delivers and himself as a person that differentiates him from other financial advisors (“FAs”) are Tenacity, Honesty, and Competency.

With the three qualities we agreed that his positioning would then be: a financial consultant who isn’t afraid to be honest and direct you to the best financial decisions to make.

His positioning would also help to differentiate himself from other financial advisors—who are typically concerned about client’s risk appetite—whereas Money Maverick is establishing himself as an expert financial consultant. Moving away from advising and into a consultant


Money Maverick often quotes Ben Shapiro’s “Facts Don’t Care about Your Feelings” as well as various quotes from Warren Buffett. Therefore, allowing us to create different short form messagings inspired by his idols and his positioning.

Some examples are:

“Your finances, honestly.”

“Your financial growth don’t care about your feelings.”

“Honesty is a very expensive gift, lucky for you it comes with Money Maverick”

Identity Design

Old Logo

According to user testing conducted on a sample size of 17 people—eight female, nine male—who made up Money Maverick’s target audience. The perceived ideas of Money Maverick based on the old logo were that it is a scam, shady, and unprofessional. Users tested also mentioned that the logo seems associated with the Illuminati—a secret society—and only after reading his content, Money Maverick seems like someone they would go to if they knew him personally and understood him more.

Therefore this showed that there is a possibility that the brand expression and identity of Money Maverick due to a lack of direction and positioning has allowed for very few lead generation.

Visual Research

Building on how Money Maverick is a personal brand and playing with the “Maverick” part of the brand, we decided to combine ideas of Money Maverick’s work life and personal life.

Money Maverick handles a lot of paper work when meeting with clients or analysing data and policies. Paper, so thin and fragile can contain much information to test his competency.

Money Maverick frequently travels to Japan, his love for the country and the tenacity & rigour present in Japanese salary(wo)men represent his working habit and personal life aptly.

A combination of both Japan and paper has led to the idea of using origami—the Japanese art of paper folding—which requires tenacity, discipline and practice, as with any craft. Origami, a craft, much like financial analysis is a craft in its own way, will be the form of symbology for Money Maverick’s brand identity.

Thus the Logo symbol is created by simply folding and cutting 2 pieces of paper. Representing the initials of Money Maverick within a solid square shape, his cutting edge financial analyses are visualised and still ensuring a sturdy foundation to support his clients.